My role as manager of the postgraduate education for nurses within the Waikato DHB region was disestablished in May which was a little challenging. However, to my absolute delight, I was deployed to the newly developed telehealth unit., so now I am Change Agent-Telehealth. This includes managing the change with health professionals, providing education, communication etc. It is such a new role that I look forward to chatting with many of you, to move Waikato more quickly.

Here in Waikato, equipment has been installed in all rural hospitals, and linking in to Grand Round and Nursing Roundtable are occurring. The sleep clinic has already had sessions to Thames. Plans to provide education to the nurses in the other three rural hospitals which will equip them with the necessary knowledge to participate in clinics, is to take place early October. Paediatrics and mental Health are definitely the leading specialties but many of the other areas are just waiting for their equipment. This enthusiasm is definitely helped by having a CD  - Virtual Health care appointed.