denise irvine

M Bus.Studies.,  B.Soc.Science., R.N.

Denise’s vision for her health consultancy is to “enhance the health of all New Zealanders through the use of information and communication technology”. Denise is passionate about equity of access and is committed to improving the level of health information and care people are able to access. Denise’s considerable experience and expertise in the health sector means she is a highly skilled consultant who can truly make a difference to New Zealanders health.
She has held a variety of management roles giving her considerable insight and expertise into leading people effectively. Her philosophy is always to work with people, to focus on the big picture and to encourage people to produce superb results.
Denise is also a highly skilled facilitator and educator. She has spent many years working within the tertiary education sector. Denise has led the development of a Masters degree, the introduction of distance education to the School of Health at WINTEC, and has assisted many people to achieve their educational dreams.

One of Denise’s strengths is her presentation skills. She has presented at a number of international and national conferences and her papers published in professional journals. She is an articulate and skilled speaker who has the rare gift of being able to capture her audience.
Denise is actively involved in the health community both through formal and informal positions which has included committees, advisory groups and also a range of situations where she has managed projects. Denise is also very experienced at leading a range of change projects.
In summary Denise has a rich range and depth of skills which means she is ideally placed to make a difference to the health of New Zealanders.

Denise has also received a letter of recognition for her contribution as a member of the Scientific Committee which can be viewed here.


My heart is pounding. My legs are burning. My back is tired from the weight of my pack but the beauty that surrounds me, the bird calls which are now becoming more frequent  again and the feeling of exhilaration as my body responds to the demands asked of it - this is what keeps me hiking.
I have enjoyed many day hikes in the North Island including Whakapapa ( Tongariro National Park), most of the big tracks in the South island - some more than once, and the three day hike on Stewart Island. The ultimate hike would have been  the last trip on the Milford Track when I was accompanied by my grandson. Such  a special time. And now the younger grandies are also stepping up with the last outing being the track at the base of the Kaimais...