6th Dec 2016, 11:04am

We have heard of the  potential benefits of telehealth: among these are reduced travel for both clinician and patient, reduced cost, quicker and often easier access to a clinician, education between clinicians, and with reduced admissions,  though the support offered by telehealth, the patient faces less exposure to a “bug filled “hospital environment .

6th Dec 2016, 10:02am

"Scotty beam me up!!" Was all I could think of when listening to presentations at the at the Nursing Informatics Congress I attended in Geneva this year.  We heard that trends in the world of health care delivery are rapidly changing.

1st Jul 2016, 9:02am

As there is a slight breeze there are colourful yatchs skidding across the top of the water ducks paddling lazily boat rocking gently at their moorings and people of all ages, in all stages of undress enjoying this beautiful spot. 

23rd Jun 2016, 9:01am

It is 5 p.m. on a beautiful warm Wednesday afternoon. My verbs and adjectives have been wrestled with so have slipped down to a little bar which overlooks the ocean for a café latte and to gaze at the beautiful people.

10th Jun 2016, 11:19am

Two weeks ago today I was heading for the airport leaving NZ for six weeks and wondering what was ahead of me! It has been so much fun, but has also included hard work and the ocasional "what on earth am I doing here". but I wouldn't change any of it.

1st Jun 2016, 9:52am

I know you will be delighted to know that the two nights I spent in Rome I slept under the gaze of the Blessed Virgin Mary so no sinning those nights whether I wanted to or not. 

30th May 2016, 9:23am

This is the train ticket which people get when they travel from airport to the train terminal in Rome! Why was I so worried? Also bought myticket by self service for Roccasecca. When you are on a roll you just need to keep going. 

29th May 2016, 8:53am

Wow! I am looking out my 20th floor window watching people doing Tai Chi in a beautiful wooded area, beside a most amazing skyscraper. 

1st Jan 2016, 8:50am

My role as manager of the postgraduate education for nurses within the Waikato DHB region was disestablished in May which was a little challenging. However, to my absolute delight, I was deployed to the newly developed telehealth unit...

18th Dec 2014, 2:47pm

6th Dec 2014, 4:26pm

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