After 5 Telehealth Event - June 24th 2014

Report from the Waikato Telehealth group.

A very successful “After 5” telehealth event was co-hosted with the NZ Health IT Cluster on Tuesday June 24th.

A long standing sponsorship by the Waikato Institute of Technology to the Waikato Telehealth group, saw us using the Atrium - a beautiful building where the frame is seventy years old but the inside has been gutted and is extremely modern.

The aim of the evening, built on a much smaller event last year, was “Raising the Awareness of Telehealth within the Waikato region.” The audience targeted were health professionals, academics, vendors, health organisations from a wide field.

Starting at 5 p.m. with drinks and nibbles, the one hundred plus attendees were welcomed by the deputy mayor of Hamilton at 5.30, and the program started.


Learning about your future with telehealth

Jodi Mitchell, the co-host, welcomed people and introduced the new CEO of the Cluster.

Graeme Osborne, CEO of the National Health IT Board, spoke on Patient Portals – enabling people to become proactive with their care and enable more self care.

Maxine Elliott – CEO of Ultrafast Fibre – spoke on the impact that access to the new fibre being laid will have on health delivery.  

Associate Professor Amanda Oakley, a long standing user of technology to deliver health care, spoke on the use of telehealth within dermatology. (A case study highlighting some of Amada’s work will be on the NZ Telehealth Forum website by September.)

A consumer perspective was introduced by Stephanie Fletcher, who is the Chair of the National Health IT Board Consumer panel. Speaking from a personal perspective on how portal use would have been of great value to her and her family when ill health struck.

The use of robots to provide health care was presented via Skype (which wasn’t the best!) by Dr Bruce MacDonald, who has been closely involved in their development in his role within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at University of Auckland.

Roy Davidson, telehealth programme manager at Whangarei Hospital, spoke on the many projects they have running, especially between Whangarei and Kaitaia and the achievements made.

Last but not least was a presentation from Dr John Garrett, Chair of the NZ Telehealth forum and a paediatrician from Christchurch who uses telehealth frequently to offer a service to patients on the West Coast.


Feedback has been very positive. Photos were taken and can be found on the NZ Telehealth Forum website     AND!!      sponsorship has already been offered for the next one, even though there had been no plans to run one.

A really fun and glamorous way to get the message around telehealth out there.


Denise Irvine of e3health Ltd., who was the major event organizer, welcomes 100 plus attendees to the After 5 telehealth event on June 24th 2014.



Thanks for the invite Denise. You created a great event. The presentations were really interesting and the networking was very useful.

Kim Mundell

I'm in Hamilton, loving the Telehealth Forum. Great event with excellent exposure for HiNZ. Denise (and possibly others) has done a spectacular job promoting our brand (new logo on big screen, brochures on table, pop up display etc).

Jerome Faury

Congratulations Denise - sounds like you've got a great event going

Michelle Honey
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