Fun and Adventure

Wow! I am looking out my 20th floor window watching people doing Tai Chi in a beautiful wooded area, beside a most amazing skyscraper. 

The diffences are amazing but all seem to fit together. What an adventure I am having. From my initial "not too sure about this to now to how lucky I am." Friday afternoon I had high tea with the son of an old friend at the most grand hotel in Hong Kong. 


The Peninsula hotel. Shades of "Gone with the  Wind. " I kept waiting for Clark Gable to come walking down the beatiful curving staircase. Chandeliers. Orchestra playing in the background. Another highlight was a visit to Lamma Island where I had spent a day with very good friends on my last visit here.

It is a fishing village with people living on little junks, a beautiful beach with shark nets circling the swimming area not very far from shore and three old women (possibly younger than me) baggie pants, broadbrimmed hats, sun weathered facess raking the sand .


So different from New Zealand.


There are many tiny eating  places dotted along the track and while enjoying a cold drink, an old Indian man eating fried rice which looked delicious but the day was to hot, called the young owner over and said that what the dish needed was a lot of gravy poured over it. It was too dry and the gravy would make it a more popular dish. The look on the young owner's face was priceless but he quickly regrouped and smiling, thanked the old man for his feedback.


I fly out tonight to spend two night in a monastery called The Immaculate Conception! Enough said!


(Photo by Bryangeek - Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

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