Health Sector Updates


Health Minister Tony Ryall announced on 11th September 2013 that nine Ministry of Health funded phone advice lines will be included in the new national telehealth service. These will include Healthline, Poisonline, Quitline and Depression helpline.  Currently a number of individual services provide these advice lines . Ryall says “not only are we planning to expand the ways people receive advice, we are also looking at having a wider range of health professionals available for people to talk to such as pharmacists.” A request for interest is to be placed on the GETS web site.


Swinfen Charitable Trust

This Trust was set up in 1998 with the aim of assisting poor, sick and disabled people in the developing world. The trust’s policy is to do this be establishing telemedicine links between medical practitioners in the developing world and expert medical and surgical specialist who generously give free advice via the internet. The founders and co-directors of the Trust are Roger and Pat Swinfen.

Robyn Carr, in New Zealand, a retired nurse with many years working in Nurse Informatics – Past World President of the International Informatics Association – is one of our three Systems Operators on duty 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. One referral she handled from a remote part of Papua New Guinea provided the referring medic with specialist advice in just 9 minutes.


HINZ conference

Engaged patients. Rebalancing the clinical relationship. Energy Events Centre Rotorua. 27th-29th November

International speakers: Grahame Grieve, Dr. Leif Hanlan, John Halamka, Dr. Sam Heard, Todd Schlegel, Professor Graham Wright.


Brisbane Conference: Successes and failures in telehealth.

4th Annual meeting of the Australasian Telehealth Society. 11th and 12th November Brisbane.

International Speakers Dr Edward Brown Canada, Dr Shuji Shimizn Japan


Hope things are going well out there.


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