Lake Geneva in the Sun

I am trying to imagine rain, cold, wind, miserable as I sit here on the banks of Lake Geneva in the sun, planning on a swim to cool me down. As there is a slight breeze there are colourful yatchs skidding across the top of the water ducks paddling lazily boat rocking gently at their moorings and people of all ages, in all stages of undress enjoying this beautiful spot. 


I am slowly coming to terms  with the differences between Geneva  and Italy. Italy certainly stole my heart but Geneva  has some attractions. Food is very expensive. I  could have breakfast here at the hotel for 12 swissfrancs ( about 20-23 NZdollars) Instead I pop directly across the road to the BP station (yes, exactly likeNZ) and buy freshbuns, cheese,  beautiful fresh tomotoes and a cfe all for about 3 swissfrancs. A much better deal. However, other areas of finance are slack.As a guest on I get a card which gives me free travel on all buses, trains and trams. I have noticed that very few of the locals buy tickets as no one is on board to check the m and there is no where to validate them . Maybe the expensive food makes up for the loss by  the railways.

The conference was worthwhile. The focus was Health Informatics, which included telehealth.  However a major part was devoted to mobile apps with a vision of people staying in their homes longer but remaining safe. Am going to follow this up when I get home. One app which I am going to buy for all the males in my family is placed on a mobile ph and an alert is sent if the male has not "zippered"up. Loved it!!!! There was also a good interesting presentation on design thinking. 

The conference finished yesterday so today was going to be a busy tourist day   but when I woke I thought "yeah - nah"!! So have just pottered and feel all the better for it.


Lac Léman entre Glion et Caux


Photo by Schnäggli (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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