National Telehealth Forum

• The forum is accountable to the New Zealand health sector represented in this case by the National Health IT Board.




• Defined as the use of information technology to monitor patients at a distance. (Turangi)

• m.Health support by mobile devices

• Helplines: Health Minister Tony Ryall announced on 11th September 2013 that nine Ministry of Health funded phone advice lines will be included in the new national telehealth service. These will include Healthline, Poisonline, Quitline and Depression helpline.  Currently a number of individual services provide these advice lines . Ryall says “not only are we planning to expand the ways people receive advice, we are also looking at having a wider range of health professionals available for people to talk to such as pharmacists.” A request for interest is to be placed on the GETS website.


Social Media


• Social media is the use of websites or applications that allow users to share content or engage in social networking.

• Facebook

• Linkedin

• Twitter

• YouTube

• Social Media

• Doctors warned over social media use. 22nd August 2013. Michelle Duff

• Guide for Doctors.

• Statement on use of internet and electronic communication (ref to email) MC. Michael Thorn.


Use of Social Media


  • P – Patients: What do they want?
  • O – Objectives: What do you want to accomplish with Social Media?
  • S – Strategy: Plan for how relationships will change
  • T- Technology: Decide what you want.


Ways to use Social Media


Info about practice, opening hours, even public transport information. Can be used as type of community notice board regarding vaccination programmes, checks etc., health related articles, job advertisements useful or interesting articles or websites.  


• Pulse -

• Fierce Mobile Imaging -


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