The Excitement of Amalfi

Two weeks ago today I was heading for the airport leaving NZ for six weeks and wondering what was ahead of me! It has been so much fun, but has also included hard work and the ocasional "what on earth am I doing here". but I wouldn't change any of it.

Amalfi couldn't be more different to Roccaseca. Very much like the Mount on speed.After getting the train to Virtri, I then bussed to Amalfi on tiny winding roads. The Coromandel looks like a3 way highway in comparison. Big tourist busses going each way, with little mopeds popping in between and people like me just wandering along the side of the roads. No pedestrian paths - that's just for sissies. 6 inches here has a different meaning to NZ. It seems to mean as long as you have this distance between vehicles you are absolutely fine. I just shut my eyes.Funnily enough there doesn't seem to be any accidents, although a few dents and scratches are visible.

Amalfi is so pretty, set right on the beach front.Waking up in the morning to the water sparking and flat, later becoming more churned with boats rushing around.No paddle boarding or Jet skis that I could see. Just a beautiful blue stretch of water as far as the eye can see. On land is a huge piazza  ( big square) surrounded by numerous cafes and restaurants. Lovely to sit here in the evening with a chilled glass of Prosecco or red wine and watch the world go by. Puts life into perspective. 

Today I hopped on a sight seeing bus which took me to Ravello. Hopefully will go back Saturday as there is a walk  I can do back to Amalfi. Tomorrow is a vist to the Isle of Capri. The adverting tells me that it will give me experiences I wil never forget!Amalfi

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