Coaching closes the gap between where your staff are now in their approach to utilizing technology to deliver health information and health care and where you want them to be. For ehealth to be used effectively and efficiently staff must be understand why it is being used, how it can impact positively on their delivery of care and finally, use it confidently.

project management

Project Management is managing any non repetitive project from start to finish. However some projects require more in depth attention than other projects. These larger projects which may need greater consideration in your organization, could include a problem scheduled for solution or an opportunity scheduled for realization. Is your organization already using ehealth tools and need to update or are you thinking that you would like to explore ehealth implementation.


Innovative and cutting edge presentations which educate your staff on the advantages of ehealth can only benefit your business. It will also assist staff to identify other areas of practice where ehealth could be used. These presentations could assist in demonstrating to those staff who prefer face to face care that there is a place for ehealth tools.

strategic analysis

By skilled analysis of the pertinent documents of your organization, consulting with management, staff and in some cases interviewing consumers, ehealth tools which are being considered for use by your health organization, will be identified correctly prior to their implementation . Appropriate resource allocation to ensure success in their delivery would also be established.


ehealth is proving to be a major paradigm shift in the provision of health information and health care internationally. Its introduction is rising rapidly. This innovative approach to the delivery of health information and health care is being recognized globally as enhancing quality, accessibility, accuracy, cost effectiveness, equity and efficiency in the delivery of health information and health care.