strategic analysis of the placement of ehealth tools in the organization

strategic analysis

By skilled analysis of the pertinent documents of your organization, consulting with management, staff and in some cases interviewing consumers, ehealth tools which are being considered for use  by your health organization, will be identified correctly prior to their implementation .  Appropriate resource allocation to ensure success in their delivery would also be established.

 The following model, developed by Garrett Trumpower, will be used to conduct this analysis. These five check points will identify where ehealth should be  used and which tools would be most beneficial to your organization.

The Right Vision – does the vision increase the quality of care, enhance the financial health of the organization and help the organization reach its strategic goals?

The Right Guide – does the project manager have the ability to make financial and business workflow decisions?

The Right Team  - have appropriate resources and skills been assigned to the project?

The Right Approach – does the organization have a proven implementation methodology?

The Right Help  - does the organization require additional assistance?